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With over 400 data scientists worldwide, Evalueserve can support your data management and advanced analytics needs.  Using the latest tools, we bring predictive and prescriptive analytics to work to optimize decision making in supply chain/procurement, pricing, marketing, strategy, sales and operations.  We provide a full-service spectrum to support our clients with automated scripts and macros for data harmonization/ingestion, reporting and visualization to enable decision making and on the higher end of the complexity spectrum, with predictive modelling and forecasting. Our unique use case-based approach to analytics puts our client’s problem at the heart of our solution design.

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Marketing and Digital Analytics

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Evalueserve’s experts stand ready to help you get a single view across lead generation, CRM, sales and customer service data sources, generating actionable insights with robust methods. We’ll ensure you can leverage the right data for your competitive decisions.


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Sales and marketing teams are uniquely positioned to take advantage of an ever-increasing range of data from internal and external sources. Information about brand, social media presence, competitors, customers and more is readily available — provided efficient sales and marketing analytics are in place.


Sales enablement, Sales force optimization, Brand analytics, Channel effectiveness, Marketing spend optimization, Web analytics, Social media analytics, Customer lifecycle analytics


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Established in 2000, Evalueserve has grown to become a leading provider of proprietary solutions and specialist services for research, analytics and data management to companies in every industry.  Our 3,500 analysts provide global support to our clients from our operating centers in China, India, Chile, Romania, Germany and the US.